What Treatment can help my Migraines?

Medication alone does not always work for Migraine headaches, although ninetyHeadaches cause usually spinal stress percent of people will use drug related pain killers to get rid of the pain. Migraines are normally situated on one side of the head, and the sufferer may have effects like vomiting and nausea and they will be very sensitive to loud noises and bright lights. That is why when some have a Migraine headache, they will retreat themselves to a cool dark place to rest. To use over the counter drugs will help to ease the pain but it will a while before the migraine goes away. Some home remedies that people normally use a heat or ice pack on the area where that pain is. They will also use pressure on the point where the starts. Many of the painkillers that are used can be harmful to the body like your liver and kidneys. There are two types of headaches, a primary headache that are caused when the neck, upper spine and head is over stimulated or stressed. Reasons for this can be strained muscles in the upper back, neck or shoulders, constricted blood vessels or cervical vertebrae that are misaligned. You then get a secondary headache and that are caused by ear infections and acute sinusitis. Migraine, cluster and tension headaches are primary headaches. The reason they are primary headaches is because they stem from irregular nervous systems, chemical imbalances from the brain or vascular inconsistencies. People can also get chiropractic treatment.

A Chiropractor in Birminghammigraine headache can help with treatment without any drugs. This treatment is very effective because it targets the cause of the pain rather than relying on painkillers to get rid of the pain. The misalignment of the spine can be a huge contributor to Migraine headaches. The cause of the misalignment of the spine can be of a whiplash that happened a long time ago or recently. A whiplash is when the head goes to the front and back in a very fast and sudden movement that can cause a misalignment of the cervical spine. This then result in heavy pressure on nearby muscles and nerves. The Chiropractor in Birmingham will use a technique, that they call manual manipulation of the spine, to adjust the spine to its original place to help increase blood flow that is rich in oxygen, to the brain. There are also other types of therapy that can and it is called trigger point release therapy.   There are over 600 trigger points in the body that can help with pain. Trigger points are for example when you put pressure on a muscle on the spine, the pain in your neck will go away. There are several trigger points that one can use to help with Migraine headaches. Trigger point therapy is to dilate blood vessels to restore normal use of muscles and tissues that can be the cause of migraines. The important thing when seeing a Chiropractor in Birmingham is to tell him where that pain is what the symptoms are, this will make it easier for them to help you with your discomfort and pain.